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I just finished watching ep.22 and ep.23 just now, and I think it cement shirobako's place in my top anime list. episode 22 and 23, is where I think, 'everything comes together moment' happens. in ep.22, we were shown:
  • Hiraoka's story(and more important, the first time I felt tarou is useful to Musani), and
  • Ema is getting promoted(kinda) to be an assistant AD. 
I think the way the show gave Ema a push from many side(in intentional and unintentional way) is great. We have Miyamori that encouraged her directly, Rii-chan that shares her enthusiasm, and Sugi-san that gave her a gentle advice.

We also get to see Mii-chan and the new animator's development at the same time, which I found clever, while still being true to the character(the new animator eavesdropping, while Mii is asking directly).

And then all of that excitement morphed into fear and surprise when Musani was told that last episode's storyboard is scraped.

Continuing from the episode 22's atmosphere, the team was intense, having to redo everything for the last episode. They want to meet with the author, but they can't. Because author = God, giving another perspective in the industry(which in the end, caused by one lazy manager).

In ep.23 we have Honda return with XL Montblanc for Director, which led to 'bonding' moment between Kinoshita and Nogame-sensei. And last, we have Shizuka called to voice Catherine's sister.

Miyamori is overjoyed and even cry after the recording, and I can't help but feel "yes, at last" and pumps my fist to the air. The last episode is done with better ending, with her friend voiced one of the characters, and don't forget that Rii-chan added one line of her own in the dialog. You could feel we're reaching the apex of development, the result of everything that all character went through in previous episodes.
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