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I think, after we know there's gonna be more of Aria, we were worried about the possibility it may ruin the ending that origination gave us. Now, after I watched the last part of Aria the Avvenire, I can say that they didn't ruin it. They nailed it. Believe it or not, I laughed at the intro, cried(twice) in the middle, and full of nostalgic feeling when the credits roll. I'm so, so happy, excited, and probably a bit sad watching it.

At the start, we were shown the first day Alicia became Prima and open the Aria Company(reminding you of Akari on her first day being a Prima right?). And then we were shown the 'embarrasing line' moment, but with Ai, Azusa, and Anya. Their reaction with "Is this the rumored..." moment showed something fresh but significant, for me. It just makes you think "Ah, they are next generation." You could feel the time dimension, time has passed since the 'embarrasing line is prohibited' time with Akari, Aika, and Alice.

Moving on, we have the party yayy, It's amazing that our three new main character here able to summon (almost) everyone to get there. I'm already crying tears of happiness just to see Alicia, Akira, and Grandma there actually. Then we get to see what Alicia has been thinking all through the series, WITH the old scene reanimated in high-def, like whoa, I mean, doesn't that makes you want to buy it?? Like, it's amazing visual for people that buy it, and even more amazing advertisement for people that downloaded it. That scene with Sakura tree and the bus(which I think, personally, is one of the best scene in the whole series), the goodbye to night wind-chime, and everything else, love it so much.

And then when Alicia's awake, and the sun has set, Grandma starts talking about the seeds of wish and all, it's just, for me, what makes Aria, Aria. The total, positive attitude toward life, I adore it and I wish I could have it. I just remembered that Athena's VA had passed away, so I think, that makes sense she can't be present. And then, we heard the song, with translations(thanks Doremi). It was, beautiful, and also shocking, because all this time, ever since I heard Athena's singing, I never know it has meaning! I remembered I read somewhere there's this person saying that what Athena is singing is just gibberish and no meaning at all, and so I believed him, probably, a year or two. And so, seeing Athena appear with her Diva appearance, and the translation of the song, is just, double shock. Ai and co. accomplished their mission, miracle created.

10/10, If I don't buy it when I have enough money someday, someone have to punch me in the face.