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As the title implies, this post is for me to talk about me and this dreamwidth.You can call me raku or raxar(not an english native speaker, so. I planned to have vocaloid translation, visual novel rant, game rant, and anime, plus an occasional personal post/fanfic, maybe. But more than anything, I'll post something because I like it, and if you don't like it, it's okay.Also if you're familiar with my tumblr, then welcome. And for people that are not, nice to meet you.
For a start, I just finished playing Sepia Tears on Steam, first time playing it on PC, and I still like it. The art is mysteriously cute, and the SDCG is totally cute. The dialogue though, I really like it. I always like lined up words that end up to be simple, yet deep and thought-provoking. that's basically what I want to see in a visual novel, or anything really. Well, believe it or not, as short as this post is, it already took too much of my time to write (I'm not good at this). See you later.

P.S.Please note that I'm still learning Japanese, and there may be errors in translation.
P.P.S I only post link to videos that was uploaded by its producer, so if the vocaloidP has YT account, I'll embed the YT video, other than that I would embed the video from NND.