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I haven't posted about this right? Now I'm listening to this song again, it's #1 on NND, and I'm just having chills all over this song. So happy, and it feels awesome. I almost cried, Really. YT link here
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You never get disappointed with cillia(aka kyaami on youtube). Before, he/she uploaded Melt cover using Una(new vocaloid) and now we have emon's Shake it! cover with Una, Yukari, and vflower. Like, isn't it just the best?? Yukari and Mayu is two vocaloid I wish to hear and get used more. I won't say anything unnecessary, just listen to it.
p.s. the "Hey let's go" is voice file included in the una package, so it's not vocaloid, that part is by real human.
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Well, this is what (hopefully) will be the first post of a serial post here, where I put vocaloid music that I found and like, if you visit vocarank from time to time you probably notice these songs. It also serves as list of songs that may get translated. I'll just open the history of my NND, and post it.

絵のような風景(Painting-like Scenery) feat. IA by ミスミ(Misumi)

The piano throughout the whole song is beautiful. Especially the intro and the outro part.

空想上のデルタ(Delta Beyond the Daydream) feat. Hatsune Miku by 歩行者(Hokousha)

A totally cute miku song, with various kinds of her voice used in one song.

夕染(Dyevening) feat. V_Flower by Balloon

Now this, is a song with a great PV by abogado6(check out 1:47 to 1:48 really), and also a confusing one. I like the fast tempo, reminding me of Eight's work. This song ranked 2nd before, so maybe someone will translate it soon.

Love and Destroy feat. Gumi by Miyake(username:Napoliemon)

The intro is bold I have to say, and the first 30 seconds reminded me of Subete ga F ni Naru's OP actually. Those kinds of beat.

At this point you should realize that I have no big knowledge or experience in music bc I can't say anything much. Probably this is how the next post will look like as well. This is it for the 1st post. Enjoy, and see you later.
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"She's had enough"

Spoony Automata is a group consist of Croissant Chicago(Music&Lyric) and Tetola(Drum&Bass arrangement).
I really like this song and it's been stuck in my head for a while, so here's the translation to a song that boldly shows you that life is free of anything, you're the one that limit it.
Translation under the cut )